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Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is seeking partners to further develop and commercialise a range of potential solutions to some of the Australian red meat and livestock industry’s most pressing problems, including a new vaccine for Johne’s disease in sheep and cattle.

MLA has established a new commercialisation opportunities webpage, highlighting a portfolio of new technologies seeking partners who are interested in commercialising the novel technologies. The webpage is updated regularly as opportunities become available.

MLA Commercialisation & Intellectual Property Officer, Anna Fabrikanov, said commercialisation opportunities exist in a range of areas including animal treatments, vaccines, diagnostics, remote assessment, waste removal, new energy, robots and genetic assessment.

“MLA has strong agribusiness networks, however, we hope that by highlighting these opportunities, we may attract new commercialisation partners and increase awareness of the new commercial technology areas we have been collaborating with researchers on,” Ms Fabrikanov said.

“MLA and various collaborative partners invest in and generate intellectual property (IP). MLA licences technologies with an emphasis on improving the Australian beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat industries.

“MLA’s passion to innovate and improve industry, coupled with expertise in IP protection and commercialisation, ensures a high level of commercial IP is licenced. We’re energised by potential solutions for industry, no matter how big or small.”

Ms Fabrikanov said among the projects that partners are being sought for is the development and commercialisation of a new vaccine against Johne’s disease in sheep and cattle.

“Johne’s disease is estimated to cost the industry approximately $40 million per year due to reduced production, increased mortality and stringent trading restrictions,” Ms Fabrikanov said.

“MLA Donor Company, the University of Sydney and Animal Health Australia have identified a novel vaccine targeting Johne’s disease. Proof of concept has been developed, an initial trial has been completed in cattle, and a provisional patent application has been filed.”

Other technologies requiring commercialisation partners include:

  • A cost-effective pain relief pour-on treatment for Australian cattle, developed in partnership with the University of Queensland;
  • A potential preventative/treatment for Perennial Ryegrass Toxicity, developed in partnership with Charles Sturt University.

Investment proposals that have commercial partners attached are not advertised on the new commercialisation opportunities webpage. For more information on what commercial opportunities are coming through the pipeline, with or without existing partners, contact MLA Program Manager – Commercialisation & Intellectual Property, Amanda McAlpine.

To find out more about MLA’s commercialisation opportunities,  contact Amanda McAlpine 0406 428 395.

Source: MLA

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