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QFF welcomes postponement to Queensland Waste Levy

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Farmers and rural communities will have more time to prepare for the Queensland Government’s new Waste Levy following continued advocacy by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and other industry associations.

The Waste Levy will now begin on 1 July 2019, be set at $75 per tonne for general wastes sent to landfill and may now include the Goondiwindi local government area in the levy zone, after it was initially scheduled to commence three months earlier at $70 per tonne.

QFF President Stuart Armitage said QFF had expressed concerns that the original date did not align with administrative timeframes and did not give local governments time to install the necessary infrastructure to administer and collect the levy.

“This new date also allows the state government to address the lack of awareness surrounding the impending levy among many farmers and regional businesses,” Mr Armitage said.

“The Queensland Government must ensure that regional businesses located inside or operating within the levy zone, which currently includes 38 local government areas, are fully aware of the increased costs associated with the disposal of wastes.”

Mr Armitage said QFF had been working with farmers and rural communities to recognise the importance of farm sustainability and to grow and develop the resource recovery sector in Queensland.

“While the levy provides opportunities for the development of the resource recovery sector in Queensland, it is essential that funding from the disposal levy is returned to regional communities to build infrastructure, support jobs, and stimulate new and domestic markets for recovered materials.”

Source: QFF

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