Bumper harvest puts pressure on machinery suppliers

Maximus under construction in the new GrainKing workshop.
Maximus under construction in the new GrainKing workshop.

While Australia’s grain harvest is barely over, agricultural machinery manufacturer GrainKing is urging farmers to start thinking about 2019’s harvest.

To create a smoother work flow the company is introducing an early order program which offers buyers discounts for placing orders earlier in 2018.

GrainKing CEO Colin Jorgensen said 2018’s bumper harvest in many areas of Western Australia had farmers scrambling to buy additional grain bins.

“Our order book from farmers for the current harvest was already pretty full in anticipation of a good season for our Nyrex, Titan and Maximus bins, but as the season started to get closer the demand for grain bins grew,” Mr Jorgensen said.

“Everyone wanted machines in August 2018, but they take time to manufacturer with some components having to be brought in from other parts of the world, which really put the pressure on.”

Even with the opening of a new 17,000 square metre shed at Cunderdin and the addition of six staff Mr Jorgensen said it had been hard to keep up with demand.

The family-run business established in 1962 has expanded from a mechanical repair workshop to become a specialist manufacturer of farm machinery.

GrainKing in 2018 changed its name from Trufab, a move that Mr Jorgensen said better reflected the nature of the organisation.

Since 1982 the business has been building grain handling machinery, including its GrainKing bins and more recently its Nyrex and Titan chaser bins along with the new Maximus grain bin putting it among the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of grain handling equipment in Australia.

Mr Jorgensen said the company was reaping the benefits of an outstanding performance at the 2018 Swedish Steel Awards which recognised the Nyrex chaser bin as one of the world’s most innovative steel users.

GrainKing is also expanding its national network of dealers in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

A substantial number of orders from West Australian farmers have kept Cunderdin facility at maximum output.

Source: GrainKing

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