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Festive fruit, veg and nuts bring slice of health to Christmas

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The festive season and excess often goes hand in hand, but it’s never too early to kick off your New Year healthy eating regime by adding fresh, Queensland grown fruit, vegetables and nuts to the Christmas table.

Queensland’s peak horticulture body, Growcom is encouraging consumers to buy great-tasting fruits in their peak season such as pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, nectarines, peaches, plums and cherries.

Growcom Chief Advocate, Rachel Mackenzie said the quality of Queenland’s summer produce was impressive.

“Christmas shoppers can look to add variety to their table with the great quality of Queensland fruit and vegetables,” she said.

“Mangoes and watermelons are set to be big summer favourites because of the exceptional colour and flavour they add to Christmas celebrations.

“Grapes and strawberries are the perfect festive touch to fruit salads with a plentiful supply of the high-quality fruits in stores across the country.

“Lychees, papaws and bananas are also in the peak of their seasons and add a tropical and exotic touch to Christmas.

“While nuts can make a good appetizer and a sprinkle of macadamias may be just what your Christmas trifle needs.

“These festive foods are versatile and can be added to any meal to counter indulgence with essential good nutrients.”

Ms Mackenzie said summer fruits and vegetables can offer a welcome burst of nutrition in between dense meals, providing much-needed health benefits.

“Supplementing heavy meals this summer with freshly juiced vegetables can give your body the lift you need to keep active during the busy holiday season,” she said.

“If you celebrate by the barbecue, don’t forget the wide range of vegies which can be prepared on the hot plate. Sweet corn, tomatoes and capsicum can be a welcome change for the palate.

“Salad favourites such as lettuce, Asian Greens, snow peas, beans, onions and cabbage can also be accompanied with fresh supplies of spinach, radish and potato.”

Source: Growcom

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