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GM Inquiry – a good outcome for Western Australian grain growers

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It’s good news for Western Australian grain growers, with the Western Australian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs, releasing the findings from the inquiry into, Mechanisms for compensation for economic loss to farmers in Western Australia caused by contamination by genetically modified material.

WAFarmers Grain Council President Duncan Young said the outcome of the full report, gives grain growers confidence about future of GM crops in Western Australia.

“The detailed report looked into a petition tabled in the legislative council in June 2017, which called for the introduction of increased farmer protection measures to farmers that had suffered economic loss due to GM contamination, “he said.

“WAFarmers has been working behind the scenes to ensure that the use of GM technology remains available to WA growers, should they wish to adopt the technology. The report gives the industry and growers a “green light” and it’s comforting that the report has been released prior to the 2019/20 harvest.

“WAFarmers supported the position of common law, and it’s reassuring that the committee found insufficient evidence to justify a change.

“The report found that there was insufficient data on alternative compensation approaches from other jurisdictions to determine merits over common law, and there was little evidence of contamination by GM material in WA.

“The WA supply chain handles the segregation of GM from non-GM incredibly well and it’s great to see that the Committee acknowledged this in their findings and that there was no evidence to suggest that economic loss by GM contamination was a problem in WA,” he said.

WAFarmers continues to support the use of GM technology and will continue to advocate the right for growers to have access to the technology should they wish to use it. It was a great collaborative effort by CropLife, CBH, GIWA, PGA, Bayer and WAFarmers.

Source: WAFarmers

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