New Gold Coast owner aims to take Power Pellets global

Adam Fitzhenry

New Power Pellets owner, Adam Fitzhenry, is aiming to release the untapped potential of the innovative Australian-made and developed organic, animal manure-free fertiliser by tapping into the booming global demand for organic, animal waste-free fertilisers.

The Gold Coast-based entrepreneur, who is behind Plant Doctor, plans to tap into the global biological organic fertilisers market, which is expected to grow by 13.3% annually to 2022 as the trend towards organic cultivation expands worldwide.

“Power Pellets have remarkable potential,” Mr Fitzhenry said. “The demand for organic produce has experienced incredible growth in the past few years and Power Pellets are an ideal product for this market.

“Power Pellets are distinctly different and are registered organic with the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia. Clinical experiments have shown that they out-perform market leading animal-waste based competitors by a considerable margin.

“Veganism is growing across the world and people want to eat food that is produced without animal exploitation, which provides strong impetus for farmers and gardeners to use animal waste-free fertilisers such as Power Pellets.”

Deemed suitable for vegans by the Choose Cruelty Free Org, Power Pellets are a Lucerne (alfalfa)-based product boosted by powdered rock minerals, slow-release organic phosphorous and a patented enzyme that stimulates soil microorganisms.

The formulation was developed in the 1990s by a Snowy Mountains farming family who realised that using chemical superphosphate was creating negative long-term consequences for the soil on their property.

Power Pellets have several advantages over manure-based products, including that have a pleasant aroma, are easy to use and can’t be over applied.

Their nutrients are in a true slow-release form, lasting up to seven weeks, becoming active upon microbial and environmental action, and are not water activated.

The product was launched in 1998 and went on to win an AusIndustry Award for innovation and inclusion in the Federal Government’s Australian Technology Showcase.

The Plant Doctor is a Gold Coast-based business that supply exceptional earth-friendly products to help plants, animals and humans grow.

Source: Power Pellets

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