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Connecting country and city through local food

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Connecting consumers and farmers to strengthen the ‘buy local, eat local’ message is helping to drive the growth and diversity in Western Australia’s food industry.

Today’s (April 4 2019) Farmer on Your Plate event in Forrest Place provides an opportunity for city consumers to meet with WA farming families who are showcasing their produce – all cooked by local chefs.

The State Government’s Buy West Eat Best program, a supporter of the event, has been pivotal in building consumer awareness over the past decade about the benefits of buying local.

Seasonality, freshness, province and quality are key criteria for consumers when shopping for food.

Over the past decade, the Buy West Eat Best message has broadened to not only encourage locals and visitors to buy local but also ‘eat local’ and sample the best food and beverages WA has on offer.

Source: WA Government

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