New Hyola 350TT canola the right fit for Bordertown farm

Kraig Johnson
Kraig Johnson

Bordertown farmer Kraig Johnson is increasing the number of hectares dedicated to new triazine tolerant hybrid canola Hyola 350TT in 2019 due to its yield potential, weed control and maturity.

Mr Johnson runs 535-hectare property, ‘Pine Springs’, with his wife Caroline, daughter Simonne and son-in-law Tom, cropping 200ha and running 900 breeding ewes.

He said the variety produced a good grain yield despite being affected by frosty conditions.

“It yielded 2.1t/ha last season, which is pretty handy considering we got frost through the crop. I think if you gave it perfect conditions it would do extremely well,” Mr Johnson said.

He seeded the Hyola 350TT in mid-May (2018), applying 100kg/ka of urea before sowing and 100kg/ha of DAP at sowing.

They also spread gypsum at 1.5t/ha to meet the soil’s sulphur requirements and help with soil structure, and lime was used on their acid soil types at 1.5t/ha to raise the pH.

Pine Springs recorded growing season rainfall of 365mm, and the crop was harvested in early December (2018).

Mr Johnson has used many of the canola herbicide technologies available, including conventional, Clearfield, and triazine tolerant, but has been focusing on TT for the past few years.

“We’re small-scale farmers so we like to stick with one technology. We’ve been growing TT for a while now to clean up paddocks. Our main weed to tidy up here is shepherd’s purse but we also like it for ongoing ryegrass control.”

He decided on Hyola 350TT after discussing his needs with his local agronomist, Josh Modra at D&M Rural.

“Since we’re using TT, Josh said we should give it a go, so we planted 20 hectares of it.

“We also found the early maturity and even flowering very attractive. We like to get our crops in early because spring rainfall can be uncertain. If a quick crop is in and growing and you get a tight spell, there’s some leeway there.”

Mr Johnson, who also grows wheat, barley and beans, said 2019’s canola will be sown to two pasture paddocks.

“That’s usually how we start our rotation – when we come out of pasture, we go into canola.

“Now we’re going to sow 30ha of Hyola 350TT this season coming.”

In addition to cropping, the family are building up their stock carrying business, Pine Hill Livestock, which they started in November (2018).

“We saw an opening in the market and are now servicing the local area, including to the meatworks and Naracoorte market.”

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