KUHN to launch the new SB 1290 iD baler at Henty Machinery Field Days

The long-awaited KUHN SB 1290 iD baler is arriving on Australian soil and will be launched at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

Offering hay farmers improved profitability, reduced transport costs and efficiency in all crop conditions, KUHN Australia Marketing Manager and Baler Product Specialist, Michael Murer explains, “The KUHN SB 1290 iD is designed with simple, efficient techniques like integral rotor and power density that produce rock-hard, perfectly shaped bales.”

The KUHN SB 1290 iD can work in various crops such as silage, hay, straw, Lucerne, maize straw and sugar cane leaves. Where crop cutting is required, the OMNICUT 23 cutting system with individual hydraulic protection on the knives, ensures a perfect cutting quality regardless of working speed and crop type.

This new generation large square baler with robust driveline is designed to achieve high capacity and high bale weights combined with excellent driver convenience.

Michael continues to explain, “The SB 1290 iD boosts profitability by producing heavier bales, increasing the compaction by 60 plus tonnes and provides the highest density bale by a margin of 25 per cent over conventional balers. Even in the most challenging circumstances it achieves this through the TWINPACT double plunger technique that formulates higher density bales whilst using less power and avoiding massive peak loads on the main gear box.”

Intake capacity is also one of the most important factors in profitability and the SB series features a high-performance crop intake system. The newly designed crop guard, in combination with a torque increase on the rotor and on the feeder fork driveline, ensures up to 15 per cent higher intake capacity with increased endurance properties.

The KUHN patented torque regulation system on all SB series models ensures a perfect balance between capacity and density. The crank angle position sensor and plunger rod load pins measure the total machine load. Precise machine load measurements are performed throughout the complete plunger cycle. The benefit of this sophisticated measuring method is that extra bale weight can be achieved. This results in a higher transport and handling efficiency.

The smart design offers important accessibility to the inside of the machine during daily inspections and maintenance. For added safety, the knotter deck is equipped with solid stairs and a safety railing. Moreover, the driver can benefit from optimal comfort thanks to the heavy flywheel, the load sensing hydraulics and the torque regulation system.

Designed by KUHN and made by KUHN is what characterises this machine and their innovative design. KUHN is very excited to introduce another high-quality baler to its Australian range.

Source: KUHN Farm Machinery

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