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Search begins for 2021 Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year

2021 Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year

Do you know an Australian producer who is a biosecurity champion? Someone who goes the extra mile to protect their property from diseases, pests, and weeds?

These people deserve the type of recognition and esteem that comes from taking out a national accolade at the Australian Biosecurity Awards, but we need your nominations to find these unsung heroes.

If you know a biosecurity champion, nominate them now for the 2021 Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year Award by visiting

Animal Health Australia (AHA) and Plant Health Australia (PHA), through the Farm Biosecurity Program, are proud to partner once again with the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment at the Australian Biosecurity Awards to recognise those farmers who demonstrate exceptional and proactive biosecurity practices.

The Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year Award was first presented in 2018, recognising the significant contributions made by producers playing their role in the wider biosecurity system. The cohort of winning producers from across the country have reaped the benefits of implementing biosecurity practices to secure their enterprises from diseases, pests and weeds.

AHA’s CEO, Kathleen Plowman, says she anticipates that this cohort will continue to impress and grow with the return of the Producer of the Year Award in 2021.

“We had two exemplary winners in the livestock category last year,” Ms Plowman said.

“Kia Ora Merino, who implemented seamless and strict biosecurity measures on-farm, supported by thorough documentation and close monitoring from farm to product, and Seafarms Group, who use farm-generated surveillance data for evidence-based decision-making and had fostered a culture of biosecurity responsibility with extensive biosecurity training for all staff.”

“We’re looking for more producers with the same impressive dedication to upholding biosecurity and commitment to innovation and improvement.”

PHA’s CEO, Sarah Corcoran, says she looks forward to acknowledging biosecurity champions who understand the importance of being proactive, like last year’s winners KW Orchards and Templeton Ginger.

“Our 2020 winners are an excellent example of what it means to be a leader in your industry,” Ms Corcoran said.

“The way they not only handle biosecurity on their property but the way they put themselves and their practices on display to educate and encourage others is truly commendable. We are confident that we will find others this year doing a similar outstanding job who are also leaders in their industry.”

AHA and PHA jointly encourage friends, family members and neighbours to nominate a producer for the 2021 Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year Award.

For more information about the awards, including the nomination form, visit

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