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2016 Science and Innovation Awards recipients announced

The recipients of the 2016 Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry have been announced at the ABARES Outlook 2016 conference dinner on 1 March.

The Science Awards recognise big ideas from young rural innovators that contribute to the success of Australia’s agriculture sector.

Congratulations to Giana Bastos Gomes who was awarded the ultimate honour with the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Award for her project – New on-farm device for pathogen detection in aquaculture systems.

We congratulate all the recipients of the industry category awards:

  •     Giana Bastos Gomes, Recipient of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation Award
  •     Yvonne Chang, Recipient of the Cotton Research and Development Corporation Award
  •     Dr Jake Dunlevy, Recipient of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority Award
  •     Jock Graham, Recipient of the Meat & Livestock Australia Award
  •     Dr Cindy Hauser, Recipient of the CSIRO Health and Biosecurity Award
  •     Dr Lauren Hemsworth, Recipient of the Australian Pork Limited Award
  •     Joanne Hughes Recipient of the Australian Meat Processor Corporation Award
  •     Dr Jatin Kala, Recipient of the Grains Research and Development Corporation
  •     Dr Yujuan Li, Recipient of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Award
  •     Amy Lockwood, Recipient of the Australian Wool Innovation Award
  •     Dr Edward Narayan, Recipient of the Meat & Livestock Australia Award
  •     Dr Nadeeka Wawegama, Recipient of the Dairy Australia Award

Download the winners’ booklet to read about each recipient’s project.

Recipients have each been granted funding to undertake a project on an emerging scientific issue or innovative activity over the next twelve months. The recipient of the Minister’s Award receives additional funding for an extended research project. The Awards aim to encourage science, innovation and technology in rural industries and help to advance the careers of young scientists and innovators through national recognition of their research ideas. The Science Awards have already helped more than 200 young Australians make their ideas a reality and showcase their talent to the world.

Questions? Contact the Science Awards team at email Science Awards or phone 02 6272 2260 / 6272 2303.


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