Western Meat Packers Management Moves

Newly appointed Western Meat Packers Group General Manager Jason Spencer.

Leading Western Australian meat processor, packer and exporter, Western Meat Packers Group, has announced several senior management appointments as it moves to boost its processing capacity and efficiency, quality assurance and infrastructure at its Osborne Park processing and packing headquarters, Margaret River abattoir and Bibra Lake value adding facility.

Announcing the appointments, WMPG Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Fuda, said the latest substantial investment in the company’s human resources capacity recognised that it was on a path of continuous improvement and was committed to offering its export and domestic customers a better than ever product, backed up by better than ever service.

WMPG is 100 per cent owned by Rod Russell, who started the business in 1983 and wife Shana.

Today WMPG employs 360 people and has an annual turnover of more than $150 million.

The appointments include Jason Spencer as General Manager, Lui Rinaldi as Special Projects Manager, Ettiene Snyman as Boning Room Manager, Rinda Ho as Quality Assurance Manager, Bill Wong as Information Technology Manager and Jim McGuckin as Maintenance Manager.

Mr Spencer (47yo), who is responsible for WMPG’s processing and boning operation at Osborne Park, has held senior plant management and operations roles with JBS and Inghams in Victoria.

The Osborne Park facility currently processes about 400 head of beef cattle per day and employs 150 people. Plans are in place to substantially lift that number and to possibly bone and pack at Margaret River to optimise expanding business opportunities in Asia in particular.

In his most recent role with JBS, Mr Spencer was responsible for the daily continual improvement of plants with staff levels of up to 1000. His role was to ensure plants under his control achieved their key performance indicators efficiently and safely.

Delivering elite manufacturing standards and maximising carcase yields is Mr Spencer’s focus.

“My meat management mantra has always been if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it, so I intend to refine costs and lift yields, while also introducing advanced training systems and new technologies that will ensure Western Meat Packers continues to lead the way in WA.

“We have our elite brands and Margaret River fresh and it’s my job to ensure we always deliver on our promise of superior product quality and integrity,” Mr Spencer said.

Lui Rinaldi, one of WA’s most respected meat processing and marketing professionals, in his new role as Manager, WMPG Special Projects, will work closely with Mr Spencer and Mr Fuda.

He recently joined WMPG from Craig Mostyn Group, where he’d spent 15 years across various roles with Linley Valley Pork. Prior to that, he spent almost 20 years with Watsons/George Weston Foods Meat & Dairy Division, best known for its Watsonia brand.

WMPG Boning Room Manager, Ettienne Snyman, was formerly with Midfield Meats, Victoria.

WMPG QA Manager, Rinda Ho, was formerly with food service provider Vesco Foods (formerly Kailis & France), which has provided meal solutions to Asia and the Middle East for more than 40 years.

WMPG Information Technology Manager, Bill Wong, was most recently at the University of Western Australia and prior to that spent a number of years in IT roles in the resources sector.

WMPG Maintenance Manager, Jim McGuckin, formerly with Linley Valley Pork, has many year’s experience building abattoirs and maintaining associated processing infrastructure. Steve Taylor, has been promoted to Group Maintenance Manager.

“Although we now send all beef, typically sides and quarters, overnight to WMPG’s Osborne Park boning and packing facility to ensure rapid turnaround from paddock to plate, we’re moving towards also boning and packing at our Margaret River plant to optimise expanding business opportunities in Asia in particular, while retaining Osborne Park,” Mr Fuda said.

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